This Is What To Do If Children Like To Be Alone

For a long time Mother realized that Little would rather play alone than with friends. At school, his teacher also said that he had almost no close friends. Is this normal and how to overcome it? Indeed, not all children can become popular children who have many friends and are loved by all children. If a child has only a few or even 1-2 close friends, that's okay. However, if the child has no friends at all, Mother may need to find out the reason. Mother also needs to pay special attention if she is easily bored, or prefers to play alone. Various Reasons Children Choose to Play Alone One reason a child likes to be alone is to feel anxious when trying to make friends. Other factors, such as lack of sleep, can make him irritable and lack of energy to socialize. In addition, it is not uncommon for parents not to like some of their children's friends. This made him choose not to be friends anymore. In addition to the reasons above, many other things that can be the cause of
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